Finally beat Arkham Origins. Now to get all the Enigma packs and then onto Cold, Cold Heart and Arkham Asylum, which I never beat.

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They made her look badass. She’s still going to be unbearable, though. Sorry, Emily! :p

Hopefully, the game will honor my decision to “harden her” and make her less pious.

I wasn’t sure if that was Leliana! I guess it is.

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Comic #3:
Cheat curls 4 the Gurls

I’ve been approached only in person a few times telling me that deadlifting is bad for my back. However, I see it numerous times on the internet from people who have no concept of what a Deadlift is or what it does. When they do, they usually tell people not to do it because their form sucks.

The one guy who has approached me in this fashion, had just finished doing a set of these spastic flailing curls off in the squat rack. He would pick up the barbell with a 10 on each side, and literally swing it into place. I’ve also seen tons of curlbros spastically flail 35lb weights around calling them curls. 

I know the concept of a cheat curl, but that is more of a way to break your back than Deadlifting. Maybe if they deadlifted they could have a stronger posterior chain to support the posture to curl better.

Omg… I know exactly what he’s talking about, never thought to call them cheat curls. That’s exactly what they are, and not only do they do nothing for you, you have a higher chance of hitting yourself in the face. A curl isn’t supposed to be fast, unless you’re doing endurance, but you go with a lighter weight for that. It’s supposed to be smooth and controlled.

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This shirt’s practically a crop top…


Muddy Colors: Digital Art Is Not "Real Art"

I had a little bit of a revelation the other day when I read someone’s comment on Facebook saying:

"Digital Art is not real art, and you’re a fool for thinking so."

I was really peeved at first, after been training and studying digital art since I was 15 (28 now). Calling back to all the people I had to prove to, that I was actually painting and not just touching up photos like everyone thought Photoshop was used for. I wanted to write this big whole paragraph up, then I realized I was 28-years old and on Facebook, about to argue with a kid who had never drawn in his life.

When I quit my photo major, it was at the advent of digital photography technology. Digital Photo classes were mandatory (because it was the future), when all I really wanted to do was use film and the dark room. It felt like MY art when I used film, as opposed to Photoshop and other programs where it felt like the computer did it for me. It’s not even that I was bad at Photoshop (I wasn’t), it just didn’t feel like my work and it as expensive as hell, so I quit it and moved onto social sciences.

Technology has changed since then, and if I would use the stuff they have today, I’d probably have pursued photography as a career. It’s almost 10 years later, creating digital art like the image above IS art. It doesn’t matter how simple or complex it is, it was created from a person’s imagination. That’s like telling Picasso or Van Gogh that their art isn’t really art (which is what was told to Van Gogh). It brings up the Ebert “Video Games can’t be art” debate. He’s absolutely wrong, with games like Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, and basically any game proving it. Someone took their time to design an entire world, and then people have the nerve to write you off as an artist, it’s just plain offensive.

TL;DR: Just because it’s a medium that you don’t or refuse to understand, doesn’t mean you should negatively comment or write them off as an artist.

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One of my favorite things is when I comment on a Facebook status and it kills the status.



The cover to Grayson #1

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omg i never knew that disney owns marvel what what what

disney owns everything
disney owns star wars
disney owns abc
disney owns you

dose this mean the Avengers count as disney princes?


I guess Peter Quill is a Disney Prince because he’s the heir to the Spartax throne.

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  • Question: If you're older self, who's incredibly hot and your type anyway, traveled back in time, would you have sex with him.yourself? - jugimuro
  • Answer:

    Am I younger than I am now? Like early 20’s? If so, no. I’d tell him to go get an MRI of your pelvis and peace out. Hopefully that would delete my older self. I’ve got other things to worry about other than sex.



peter parker’s job is literally selling his selfies to the daily bugle

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